Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Racing In Sacramento 2014

If their is something about me that you did not know I really enjoy Harley Davidson motorcycles and the fun and exciting positive time it has on people, Here is a taste of Harley Davidson motorcycles drag racing well enjoy my Partna Cee Rider of Major Hogg League went to Sacramento and captured this weekends racing, Check it out..

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Marilou Vermeulen Canadian born actress/model takes hollywood by storm!

Marilou Vermeulen Canadian  born in Montreal  19 June 1991 zodiac sign
Gemini Inspire          actress/model  graduated from the New-York
film Academy 2014 I'm a passionate woman who love to dance and sign
I've  always been comfortable in front of a camera  I started acting
school a the age of 10 in Montreal and started modeling at 15 I'm a
artistic woman I love fashion and creating..They say I'm multitalented
I'm also really Athletic  always ready for the New challenge..
competition is my inspiration I'm all about making a better world and
I would love to have my own charity I want to inspire people to
pursuit there dreams                            " dont let anyone make
you think  that you can't make it." If you work hard  and you believe
everything can happen.