Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Marilou Vermeulen Canadian born actress/model takes hollywood by storm!

Marilou Vermeulen Canadian  born in Montreal  19 June 1991 zodiac sign
Gemini Inspire          actress/model  graduated from the New-York
film Academy 2014 I'm a passionate woman who love to dance and sign
I've  always been comfortable in front of a camera  I started acting
school a the age of 10 in Montreal and started modeling at 15 I'm a
artistic woman I love fashion and creating..They say I'm multitalented
I'm also really Athletic  always ready for the New challenge..
competition is my inspiration I'm all about making a better world and
I would love to have my own charity I want to inspire people to
pursuit there dreams                            " dont let anyone make
you think  that you can't make it." If you work hard  and you believe
everything can happen.

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